Our reputation for providing products that deliver optimal performance and durability combined with the ability to produce a safe and aesthetic environment has given new meaning to custom engineered environments.

It’s a reputation we’re proud of, and we back it up with a hassle-free, 5-year warranty that you can trust.


Experience You Can Count On

Our company began in the late 50’s when the Cox brothers realized a need for long-lasting concrete resurfacing process. After much research, they developed a non-porous, resin based system that was highly successful. This eventually evolved into the system that Tufco sells today.

Our Product & Responsibilty

Because we custom manufacture, deliver, and install every floor ourselves, we can guarantee all aspects of your floor, from the materials to the installation.

Your Single Source

Tufco does not subcontract manufacturing, deliveries, or installations. We do it all, saving you the trouble of dealing with multiple contractors, vendors, and applicators.

It’s our neck that’s on the line, and we go the extra mile to ensure that your new floor is nothing but the best.