Tufcrete is a hybrid, three component polyurethane-concrete floor topping. Its compositional features make it an ideal system for many harsh environmental conditions, especially where thermal cycling is present.

Tufcrete is engineered to meet the highest industrial demands. Tufcrete is a maintenance-free flooring compound, and the high degree of chemical resistance imparted by the polyurethane binder allows this system to be cleaned with strong acid or caustic cleaners without damage.

It is generally applied at a thickness of 3/8″.


Beverage Plants
Food Processing
Freezers & Cold Storage
Meat Packing & Poultry
Fryer Lines
Chemical and Secondary Containment
Commercial Kitchens


Resistant to thermal shock
-50 to 250 temperature range
Ideal for CIP applications and steam cleaning
Handles severe impact conditions
Seamless flooring system
Essentially odorless
Withstands heavy forklift traffic
Chemical resistant
Abrasion resistant