The chemical resistant and wear resistant properties inherent in the Tufco Poly-Vinyl system satisfy your industrial standards. We’ve learned how to blend Polyester & Vinyl Ester resins in unique combinations to withstand virtually any chemical or corrosive damage.

Tufco uses specially formulated Vinyl Ester resin for your flooring application. The resin combines unique properties of high physical strength, fatigue resistance and excellent working properties. The Tufco Polyester-Vinyl has the broadest range of chemical resistance presently available in any thermosetting resin.

This Tufco floor is built up in five separate laminated layers. Each layer consists of distributed resin squeegeed over the flooring surface.

USDA accepted Tufco Floors have been the standard of excellence in the food processing industries for more than four decades.


Beverage Plants
Food Processing
Freezers & Cold Storage
CIP Areas
Meat Packing & Poultry
Chemical and Secondary Containment
Commercial Kitchens


Easy to maintain
Chemical resistant
Quick cure
Less down time
Severe impact conditions
Seamless flooring conditions
Withstands heavy forklift traffic
Abrasion resistant